Single doses in water-soluble film

CTX CarePods is a multi-actions maintenance product that prevents three common problems:

  • Cloudiness in the water
  • Removal of phosphates
  • Formation of foam

It has countless advantages because apart from working immediately, the water-soluble wrapper dissolves in just a few minutes and its long-term effects mean that you can forget about maintenance for longer.

Each pack contains 4 CarePods that come in a water-soluble film. Place one CarePod in your skimmer once a week.

Forget all about containers and complicated dosing systems. With CarePods, it’s never been easier to enjoy a transparent pool free of algae


One CarePod tossed in the skimmer once a week to treat up 50m3 pool.

CTX Professional: we care for water, we care for you

CTX is the undisputed market leader in the care and treatment of pool water.

With 30 years of trust from our customers behind us, we continue to expand our range, research each day. CTX is synonymous of quality.

Thanks to the efforts of our experts dedicated to create new and better products, customer service philosophy and an extensive knowledge of the market It has made the brand CTX has international recognition.