Robots AstralPool: Innovation and Quality

  • Fluidra, a global leader in electronic pool cleaners, continues to invest in innovation by adding more technology to its equipment
  • The GYRO smart navigation system ensures maximum cleaning efficiency

AstralPool presents the new GYRO navigation system with a package of improvements to the robot’s software, which guarantees superior performance in any swimming pool.

The new smart system will be integrated into the following top access models:

–           R3 and R5

–           Pulit Advance +3, 5, 7 and 7 DUO

–           H3 DUO, H5 DUO and  H7 DUO

Commercial swimming pool technology now available for residential swimming pools

The GYRO navigation system was only available for commercial swimming pool models until relatively recently. The spread of this technology in mobile devices has popularized the use of this technology and it now makes sense to use it in residential pool applications as they ensure an optimal route, adding the intelligence that users would expect of an efficient robot.

New AstralPool X5 for residential swimming pools: Cool & powerful

AstralPool also exclusively presents the new X5 model, which is expected to arrive on the European market in the spring. It is a powerful device with the ability to clean the bottom of the pool and to partially climb walls, a single top access high capacity filter and 2 rotating brushes that make it able to reach the most difficult joints. It also has power washing jets for maximum cleaning and the new mechanical swivel to prevent cable entanglement.

New H DUO platform Serie_HDuo

The new H DUO platform incorporates a transmission system that brings together two traction motors and one suction motor in the same block. This innovative system uses gears to achieve the highest possible reliability and efficiency of all of its movements.

The following models are available in the H Duo range: the H3 Duo for cleaning the pool floor, the H5 Duo for the pool floor and walls, and the H7 Duo that also cleans the pool floor and walls, but also comes with a remote control.

Their exclusive cartridge with a 3D filter mesh will give your pool a deeper clean every time.

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