It has never been easier to enjoy crystal clear water

Pool Gel is a single dose flocculant gel. It is the easiest way to make water crystal clear and pure. No handling or complicated dosing systems required.

Ideal for: All pool types except those with cartridge or diatom filters.CTX_gel

Added value: The single dose gel blocks will enable you to add the exact amount of the product with next to no effort.

  • PoolGel traps colloidal particles and algae spores to facilitate their collection in the filter.
  • It increases filter efficiency.
  • It helps keep your pool water crystal clear.
  • It improves the efficiency of disinfectants.

Recommended used: One Pool Gel tossed in the skimmer once a month to treat up 60m3 pool approx.

CTX Professional: we care for water, we care for you

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With 30 years of trust from our customers behind us, we continue to expand our range, research each day. CTX is synonymous of quality.

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