KIVU pump for large flows

  • The most efficient plastic filter pump on the market
  • Up to 85% hydraulic efficiency
  • Low noise level

AstralPool expands the KIVU range, the most efficient filter pump for commercial pools on the market. Made of plastic, it has been designed to filter many types of pools (public, semi-public, competition, water parks, fish farms, etc.).

The KIVU pump is designed to achieve maximum efficiency with the least noise possible while running. It features a 1,500 rpm centrifugal pump for applications with high flow rates of up to 280m3/h. Three new self-priming pumps (3 CV, 4 CV and 5.5 CV) have now been added to the existing range of centrifugal pumps (7.5 CV, 10 CV and 15 CV). KIVU also includes a stand-alone pre-filter and a standard motor shaft, making it compatible with any motor on the market.

The hydraulic efficiency of the KIVU pump without a pre-filter is as high as 85%, around 20% more on average than all other pumps for high flow rates on the market. The entire range is equipped with a motor compliant with high-efficiency IEC and NEMA standards (IE2 and NEMA premium efficiency).

The KIVU pump can also be run in salty environments, its high-quality mechanical seal making it possible for the pump to work with seawater.

The KIVU pump’s efficiency is paired with a low noise level while running (66 dBA for the 7.5 CV model), equivalent to the sound of laughter (64 dBA).

AstralPool‘s range of filter pumps for public pools is now complete with the addition of this plastic model, which offers the highest performance in its class. In terms of price and performance, the KIVU pump is an excellent alternative to cast-iron pumps.

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