Heating for residential pools

Heating a pool or spa means that they are pleasant to use for longer without getting cold. Therefore, AstralPool has come up with various products for heating or cooling water and for dehumidifying the surrounding environment. The most suitable choice of system will depend on the peculiarities of each facility and the use to be made of it.

EVOLine outdoor heat pump

EVOLine is an air-water heat pump for heating pools inexpensively that is able to extend the bathing season by several months in the year. Its capacity for extracting energy from the air enables it to obtain up to five times more energy than it consumes, which makes it low on power consumption and high on eco-friendliness. It can be used to heat pools and spas of up to 80 m2.

Thanks to its automatic control system, it is able to self-regulate to maintain a constant temperature without the need for users to do anything. Furthermore, the pump’s main settings can be controlled from a smartphone; the app can be downloaded free of charge and is available for IOS and Android.

Compact ElectricheatCompact ElectricHeat

The Compact Electricheat by AstralPool is the ideal solution for heating pools or spas at specific times of the year.

Its new image, technology and display make it unique in the market. The all-in-1 design of Compact Electricheat includes all of its elements in its housing and makes it a more user-friendly device; it no longer has an industrial aspect and acquires an image that users desire in their homes. In addition, its linear configuration facilitates its installation.

Its activation and deactivation system through Triacs (thyristors) makes it a smaller, more reliable, more silent, without moving parts and more durable heater than the traditional heaters that use contactors.

The new user interface shows much more data than traditional heaters and permits failures in an installation or equipment to be detected.

Dehumidifier CDP Line 2

The control of condensation in covered or indoor swimming pools is essential to create a comfortable environment for swimmers and to ensure the proper preservation of the building. CDP Line 2 is AstralPool’s new dehumidifier with an extraction capacity of up to 120 litres per day that makes it possible to regulate the level of relative humidity in small indoor swimming pools and spas.

The compact design of the CDP Line 2 console, with its simple and elegant lines, has advantages from both an aesthetic and an operational point of view. The customizable front panel makes it possible to include the design chosen by the customer with photographic quality, which facilitates the integration of the device into the environment.

Its lightweight front end and its innovative wall mounting system simplify its installation and removal process. It also incorporates a digital touch screen that allows the user to interact with the device intuitively.

The CDP Line 2, made of plastic materials, has been designed to facilitate access to the internal components and minimize its average power consumption. The operating noise has been reduced thanks to a new generation of more reliable and quieter compressors and centrifugal helium fans.

For further information about pool heating: http://www.astralpool.com/en/products-and-accessories-pools/pool-heating/