AstralPool Toolbox: an essential tool for pool professionals

AstralPool confirms its passion for innovation with the development of the mobile app called AstralPool Toolbox. This app contains four very useful calculation tools designed to make the life of pool professionals much easier. It will help them to determine the most suitable product for each pool and specific use made of it by providing information on money and energy savings. These are the four tools:

VIRON energy efficiency calculator

For calculating the annual savings a pool with a VIRON variable speed pump would make in comparison with a standard single-speed pump.

AstralPool heat pump configurator

It calculates which model of heat pump is best suited to a pool based on its geographic location and characteristics.

AstralPool dehumidifier configurator

This configurator will help you select the model of dehumidifier that best suits the conditions of a pool to obtain the greatest possible level of comfort.

KIVU energy efficiency configurator and calculator

The configurator will help you select the KIVU model of pump that is most compatible with your filtration system. It also enables you to calculate how long it takes to pay for itself and the annual savings made by installing a KIVU pump in comparison with an ARAL pump.

From PCs or mobilesAstralPool Toolbox_image_

These tools are posted on the website ( in Spanish, English and French, and are also available on the AstralPool ToolBox app, which is free of charge for both Android and IOS in Spanish and English.