The new generation of countercurrent solutions

  • Made of polished AISI-316 stainless steel.
  • Up to date designs that are integrated into the swimming pool.
  • Wide range of features and resistance levels.

AstralPool has presented a new type of countercurrent swimming equipment for residential pools. Fully integrated countercurrent solutions that enable users to swim and train in their own swimming pool. Systems that are easy to install and that provide the pressure and impulsion needed to practice swimming. And, depending on the model chosen, they offer the ability to regulate the flow rate to obtain different levels of resistance.

Made of AISI-316 polished stainless steel, the AstralPool countercurrent swimming devices have a suction capacity up to 60m3/h and enable users to customize their therapeutic or recreational water activities and training in any kind of swimming pool.

Their compact design and small size allow their installation in a small space and facilitate their full integration into the surface of the swimming pool as well as multiple installations.

The range is made up of 3 models with different features and resistance levels that are suitable for both beginners and more experienced and advanced swimmers.

  • BASIC NL represents the essence of the countercurrent equipment. The unit is made up of a front panel, an on/off button, an adjustable water/air discharge nozzle and an optional handle.

The BASIC ND and ADVANCE ND models offer a complete solution as they include all of the elements that are necessary for their installation and operation.

  • BASIC ND, an innovatively designed device with water output in horizontal sheets, independent suction and a flow rate of 44 m3/h. The device includes an illuminated electrical start/stop pushbutton, a nozzle, a suction grille, a 5.5 HP pump and a control and power cabinet.
  • ADVANCE ND device with innovative design that provides maximum performance. Water output in continuous streams, independent suction and adjustable flow rate of 23m3/h to 44m3/h. The device includes an illuminated electrical start/stop pushbutton, a speed regulator, a nozzle, a suction grille, a 5.5 HP pump and a control and power cabinet.

Fluidra, national and international benchmark for sustainable use of water

Fluidra is dedicated to developing applications for sustainable water use offering comprehensive solutions for Pool & Wellness, Fluid Handling & Irrigation and Water Treatment through its core brands AstralPool, Cepex and Idrania.

Fluidra operates in 44 countries by way of 150 branches and production centres located in the main markets. Fluidra products are distributed to more than 170 countries due to an extensive sales network. The group has some 4,000 employees.

Respect for water and its rational use are two concepts at the core of the philosophy of the group. The companies which comprise Fluidra, some of these with more than 45 years of experience, have grown with this vision, specializing in solutions for water conservation, handling, treatment and enjoyment.